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How Can I Delete My Mugshot From Google?

Delete My Mugshot From Google DeleteMyIfo

What is mugshot image?

A mugshot image is a photograph taken by law enforcement authorities of a person’s face, typically from the front and side, after the person has been arrested. The purpose of a mugshot is to provide a visual record of the individual’s appearance at the time of their arrest, which can be used for identification purposes and to aid in investigations. Mugshots are often used in criminal proceedings, such as during a trial or sentencing hearing, and they may also be made available to the public through various means, such as law enforcement websites or media outlets.

Do you need help deleting your mugshot image?

If you are someone who have been arrested recently, you may be surprised to know that your mugshot is now posted all over the internet. This is a picture of insult added to injury, being someone that shows up first thing in a Google search of your name is something  you don’t want anyone to see.

Having your mugshot posted on the internet is extremely embarrassing and may damage your reputation. It has chances of ruining your personal relationships and employment opportunities, as it explains that you were involved with a criminal act. Having your mugshot posted online can happen to anyone even if you didn’t commit the crime or even when you were eventually found not guilty, or if you had your charges dropped. An online business might post a mugshot on multiple websites because they want to make money off of this kind of circumstance. Fortunately, you may easily and affordably have your mugshot removed off the websites by dealing with a mugshot removal business.

At DeleteMyInfo, we understand the importance of removing your mugshot online before it damages your reputation. We may also be able to help you get your record sealed or deleted if you were arrested for criminal charges.

DeleteMyInfo offer a free consultation with our team of experts to discuss your individual situation and determine whether we can help you erase these destructive images.

How much does it cost to remove a mugshot?

The costs in removing your mugshot varies. It depends on what is involve and who handles your case.

Mugshot removal websites are sometimes unlicensed and unregulated; they will ask high fees for a mugshot deletion and may be unable to remove them completely. At DeleteMyInfo, you can be sure that we will delete your mugshot accurately and confidentially, for an affordable price based on the volume of work involved in your individual situation.

Here’s what we will do to make the mugshot removal possible. We will request the removal, outlining our justifications and the legal consequences of doing so. This will be done for each website featuring your mugshot photo.. We will do this for every mugshot site that has your photo. According Florida Justice Center, in 2021, Florida passed a law that allows you to remove your mugshot from these websites. It doesn’t matter if you were found guilty or not guilty… anyone can get their picture taken down.

Note: Florida law does not require the entire page to be removed, solely the photograph.

How long is your mugshot posted on the internet?

 Mugshots can stay online permanently if steps are not taken to remove them. A mugshot may still be accessible online even after having your records sealed or expunged, which is designed to make your case confidential and require a corporation to remove any evidence of your arrest.

You have legal options, you may get an attorney, or get DeleteMyInfo to make the difference between your ability to take down some images and a reliable company having all your mugshots are deleted.

DeleteMyInfo will make sure that all traces of your mugshot are removed online.

How do I get my mugshot deleted from Google?

Pinella Law Firm stated that Florida law now requires any private company that takes payment for removing mugshot photographs to take the mugshot down from the internet within 10 days of receiving a formal request to do so. If the company refuses, you may sue and the judge can impose a $1,000 per day fine for every day the mugshot is not removed, plus reasonable attorney fees and other court-related costs, and the company can be subject to civil suit under Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Although many websites have changed policies to avoid the law and no longer accept payment for removal, our agency may convert them to take the mugshot down. We understand the information that each site needs to remove your mugshot, which makes the process go more smoothly.

Don’t delay in protecting your online reputation. Talk to a data removal expert from DeleteMyInfo today to find out the steps we can take to help get your mugshot taken down. Consultation is FREE, so call us today at (855)-959-031.

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