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Cliff Stephens Park

Photo by: Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

Located in the heart of Clearwater, Florida, Cliff Stephens Park is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts. The park covers over 44 acres and offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors of all ages.

Here are some of the top attractions and experiences that visitors can enjoy at Cliff Stephens Park:

Mountain Biking: Cliff Stephens Park is a popular destination for mountain bikers, thanks to its challenging trails and beautiful scenery. The park has over six miles of trails that wind through pine forests and over steep hills, offering a thrilling ride for experienced riders.

Disc Golf: The park also features a challenging 18-hole disc golf course that winds through the park’s wooded areas. Visitors can bring their own equipment or rent discs from the park office.

Picnicking and Relaxation: Cliff Stephens Park offers a variety of picnic areas and pavilions, perfect for a family gathering or a romantic picnic in the park. Visitors can also relax by the park’s tranquil pond, watch the ducks and turtles, and take in the beautiful natural surroundings.

Walking and Hiking: The park features a variety of walking and hiking trails that are suitable for all fitness levels. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the park’s shaded paths, or challenge themselves with a more challenging hike up the park’s steep hills.

Dog Park: Cliff Stephens Park is also home to a popular off-leash dog park, where visitors can bring their furry friends to socialize and play.

Overall, Cliff Stephens Park is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts in Clearwater, Florida. Whether you’re looking for a challenging mountain bike ride or a leisurely picnic in the park, this beautiful natural oasis has something for everyone. A visit to Cliff Stephens Park is a must for anyone who loves the great outdoors and wants to experience the beauty and adventure of Clearwater.

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